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Call of Duty - Dragonfly Drone - Review and Flight

Correction 2 Patrons: Kurt Gagel, and Rob Ruth*** This is my review of the Call Of Duty Dragonfly Drone. Great little drone very responsive. The only thing I would like to see better is...

Apple Watch SCRATCHES + FIX! (Scratchgate?!)

Apple Watch review soon! Apple Watch SCRATCHES easily, but here's how to fix it! Stainless Steel Apple Watch scratch test shows that most minor scratches on Apple Watch's casing can polish...

PG3D 360 No scope NEW EDITOR [NEEDS PRAFTICE] Comment android edit apps :]

Hey guys so new edits but needs work I need some edit apps for android know any? Comment for a shout out :] like comment and subscribe and as always stay AWESOME.

Best DNS Server (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Updated DNS Website: Subscribe to my 2nd Channel -

MyFord mobile application for Apple Watch

יישומוני שעון חכם "מיי-פורד" לאפל ווץ'

VISIONARY – a Google Spotlight Story featuring the BMW VISION NEXT 100

BMW and Google make it possible: for the first time ever, an automotive brand combines the 360° view function with interactivity. Now you can experience the BMW VISION NEXT 100 vehicle wherever...

Call of Duty WW2 New Guns!!!! (Xbox One X)

Here are a couple of games on Call of Duty WW2 using the new guns! The first game I pick up a Sten on my way to a 10 kill streak and the second game is using the Gewehr 43 rifle. Check back...

Touch & Fun | BH Fitness New Technology

Enjoy the new Touch&Fun Tech in all BH Fitness cardio machines: treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals... With touchscreen monitor, integrated WIFI connection, Bluetooth and USB it opens...



Turns your iOS device and some Android phones into a wind meter.

The Vaavud Wind Meter was a Kickstarter project that really took off. It lets you turn most iOS device and Android phones like Galaxy S2, S3 and S4 into a wind meter. It lets you store wind...

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